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A Reputation for Success

With a proven record of expertise, our experienced attorneys have collectively tried more than 100 cases to verdict, providing outstanding counsel, exceptional service, and indisputable success. The firm’s outstanding reputation in trial work means that we’re often able to negotiate a settlement without going to trial, when such an outcome is in the best interest of our clients. Our experienced team is committed to open communication, highly skilled representation, and the highest level of integrity.


Thomas F. Bertrand

Gregory M. Fox

Eugene B. Elliot

Richard W. Osman

Michael C. Wenzel

Sheila D. Crawford

Ethan M. Lowry

Amy Leifur Halby

Ilana Kohn

Joanne Tran

Mika J. Frisk

Samantha Wu

Heather G. Hensley

Henry B. Bernstein

Marina I. Garcia

Charles King

Molly Munson Cherala

Benjamin Oreper

Omeed Rajaee

Lauren E. Wood

Dana Soong

Arlene Helfrich



Claire L. Davis

Executive Director

L Roberts

Legal Assistant

Renae Gawsawadikul

Legal Assistant

Kauthar Karajah

Legal Assistant

Jiana Liu

Admin Assistant

Jonathan Revelo

Legal Assistant

Adrian Garcia

Legal Assistant